Life After Hogwarts

A place to get together and connect with prior students

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Life after Hogwarts is a Harry Potter roleplaying community. It takes place two years after the graduation of Harry Potter and his class from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. The community will be used as a means for characters to connect with each other after having graduated from Hogwarts.


We are currently accepting any and all characters mentioned in the book. However, we mainly have only need for the students. Below you will find a list of all taken characters:

Hannah Abbott [Laura]
Susan Bones [Bee]
Terry Boot [Dan]
Mandy Brocklehurst [Bee]
Lavender Brown [Tiff]
Cho Chang [Laura]
Hermione Granger [Tiff]
Ernie McMillian [Dan]


The two moderators for this community are:
Bee ( mistique_84@yahoo.com)
Dan ( oriuf@yahoo.com)
For questions, information, problems or ideas do not hessitate to contact either one of us.


If you would like to join our community email one of the moderators at oriuf@yahoo.com or mistique_84@yahoo.com. You can also leave a message on our out of character journal growed_up_ooc. Please be sure to include the following:

Email Adress:
AIM and/or Yahoo:
Character you wish to play:
An idea as to how you wish to play your characters:

Once you've been accepted, if you need a code, we have several so just ask. However, we do ask you, that if you use one of our codes, to please return the favour and give us your back. Thanks, and enjoy :)

Also we are trying to stick to the theme of the Harry Potter'verse. While Slash/Femme can be allowed it will only be in certain cases for certain reasons. Please clear with Bee or Dan before you decide to take a character in that direction.