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Hermione looked up from the mountain of paperwork sitting on her desk. She was sitting all alone in her large office. Being an auror-in-training required a lot of her time, and she didn't mind the solitude she kept with her late at night, after everyone had finished their day. She stopped for a moment, and then sat back in her chair, viewing her surroundings. Coffee was fresh, having just been made by Hermione herself, and above the coffee pot hung numerous plaques in recognition of herself. To the side of her, were many pictures of Hermione and her boyfriend, Armand. Hermione looked so happy in her pictures, yet Armand had such a serious expression on his face. There were pictures of them holding hands, pictures of them with Harry and Ron, pictures of Hermione with her arms wrapped around Armand so tight, and Armand is just posing there in all of them, with either a vacant or annoyed expression on his face.

She remembered the day that she could never forget in all her life...coming home from work, exhausted. Hearing a sort of noise from the her bedroom. Hermione could feel herself grow curious as she cautiously opened the door to her bedroom, fearing an intruder in her senses, her wand poised and ready in her hand. Upon entering, she was shocked and dismayed to discover Armand in HER bed, naked and making love to another woman from the Ministry. The same woman whom she saw every single morning, and said goodnight to every single evening. The same woman whom Hermione herself had gotten the job for. Her...betrayer and his woman hadn't noticed that she entered the room. To angry or upset to hex them, she ran. She ran out of the room. Out of the house. She didn't know where she was going, and soon she felt herself disapparate and reappear in front of Ron Weasley's new flat. Upon opening the door, she stood face to face with both Ron and his roommate, Harry. After a couple of hours talking with Hermione and consuming hot tea and biscuits, they comforted Hermione, and left the flat, leaving her there to forget about her day. They disapparated to Hermione's flat, where Armand and his new lover were still going at it like rabbits, and hexed the both of them to Antarctica, naked and vulnerable, and without their wands. Satisfied, they returned to Hermione, and they packed up their things, and they stayed with Hermione at her flat until she was well enough to function again.

Feeling tears growing around the brim of her eyes, she opened up a drawer in her desk, and took out a photo album, which she, Ron, and Harry created while they were still at Hogwarts. The photo album had pictures of everyone from Gryffindor, everyone from Ravenclaw, everyone from Hufflepuff, and only one from Slytherin. Draco Malfoy, as a prank, slipped a picture into Hermione's album when she wasn't looking. She admitted that she found it funny that he would develop a secret crush on her in her 7th year at Hogwarts. But she didn't say anything. It made her giggle at times, especially when she knew that her playing hard to get drove him literally mad. She flipped through her book, and stopped when she came across Lavender's picture. Lavender Brown, the psychic. She turned the picture over, and written in silver ink from the girl, were the words, "I'll never forget you. You have a happy life ahead of you, I can See! Don't forget me, and be sure to visit me, should we ever meet again..."

Hermione gazed at her work, which she never left. The young witch decided she was going to take a long vacation, and visit the countryside. And perhaps give Lavender Brown a little visit...
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lovely post. lol, have fun rping with yourself ;) Just one small thing, dearie, Hermione cannot be an auror yet; it 2 years after Hogwarts. She's still in training. Which zaps just as much enegy ;)


I'll go back and change it
There, I changed it for you. Any other faults you see, milady? Let me know!

As for the RP-ing, I always have fun talking to myself! The RP goes the way I want it to go!!! Tee hee! Besides, I won't be rushed to get it done. I can keep the RP-ing at my pace! Yay for me!

But anyways, did you like the way I added the hint of infidelity to Hermione's life? It kinda shows that she doesn't have the peachy keen life she's always dreamed of! Plus, my Virgin Eyes and Ears were massacred! I hope you're happy!

[[ runs off and cries ]]