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10:30am 16/09/2003
  Well due to lack of time on all parties behalfs Bee and I are going to be closing growed_up. While it was a neat idea we've never had the time to properly run it nor to keep the people interested in RPing online in our place. I appologize if you've made accounts that you can't get the code back from.

- Signed

The Managment
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Hermione and Lavender walking down the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley... 
06:58pm 12/09/2003
mood: astonished
Hermione stopped in front of a window at Flourish and Blotts and peered through. Lavender stared at the poor girl for a second, more than amused.

"Is everything alright, Hermione? Do you want to stop in the bookstore?"

Hermione peered up at her new friend, and sadly shook her head, "Er...no. I'm fine. Let's go." She turned to leave.

Lavender giggled a little, and grabbed Hermione's arm.
"Hermione, if you want The Witches' Guide to Analysing Powerful Curses, I'll get if for you as a gift! C'mon! Let's go in!"

As Lavender walked in, an astonished Hermione followed, thoroughly confused as to how Lavender knew that this was the exact book she wanted.
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Mandy meets Susan 
01:23am 10/09/2003
mood: cheerful
A young woman with long black hair, wearing a stylish pair of jeans, white jumper and her favourite pair of a suede prada boots, sat at an outside table. She had a cup of cocoa sitting nearby and a pile of magazines sitting nearby. She sat comfortably and leafed through a magazine as she waited for someone.

Mandy was sitting at a small cafe in muggle London sipping a drink. She'd been looking through wedding magazines, looking at the different traditions muggles used when getting married. Terry and she had decided to have a wizard ceremony, but she still hoped to know what it's like for muggles. Seeing a familiar face walking up the street, Mandy smiled at Susan and waived her over. She wasn't expecting Terry for at least another hour, he was in a meeting. So Mandy thiought she'd speak to an old friend.

"Susan, how are you?" She asked the young lady, as she sat down on the chair beside her.
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08:31pm 08/09/2003
mood: excited
Roger sat down at a table near the back of the Shrieking Banshee. He sipped his Butterbeer, and waited for the next act.

"Next, is the moment we've all been waiting for!" Said the announcer loudly, "Here is Cho Chang!"

Roger couldn't believe his ears. Cho, here, onstage? It just couldn't be! He remembered her talking of becomming a singer someday, but he had thought it just fantasizing.

As he watched her sing, he was mezmorized by her voice. She looked amazing, as usual, and he hoped to catch her eye...
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Justin's first post 
08:24pm 28/08/2003
mood: pleased
(this takes place BEFORE Hannah's owl)

Clutching the wrinkled parchment in his large hands, Justin Finch-Fletchy looked up at the peeling sign. Hopefully, they were still looking for help. He grasped the bronze handle and pulled the door open with an eerie creak, a dull ding dingle echoing somewhere in the back of the shop. The floor was covered in dust, thick and ghostly white, save for the sleek black skid marks of dragging feet from the door to the counter and back. The air smelled strongly of wax and old parchment, and a musky sourness like celebration crackers. Justin glanced back at his newspaper clipping before pocketing the parchment in his too-small robes. Precarious towers of flat, thin boxes loomed high over head, threatening to topple down on Justin as he roamed the small shop.

"Mr. Finch-Fletchy.... I was not expecting to see you."

Justin jumped a little in his skin, forgettign how creepy that voice actually was over the past several years. He turned around to face the counter. "Hello, Mr. Ollivander." He stretched forth his hand, and after a moment, woshed he hadn't. Mr. Ollivander's hand was withered and seemed highly ill, very clamy and icey to the touch. Justin forced a smile.

Ollivander's sagging ribbons of flesh scowled at Justin without hsitation. "The temporary job, I'm assuming, is the reason that you're here? Unless you've wand troubles, Mr. Finch-Fletchy?"

Justin shook his head. "No, no troubles, thanks. I haven't even used it in two years."

Ollivander blinked once. "That's not a thing to brag about, Mr. Finch-Fletchy. A wand requires proper maintenance, which involves regular exercise of its powers."

"Yes, Mr. Ollivander."

The hoary-headed man scratched his chin. "You're the first to apply for this job since I put out the advert two months ago. It's in my best interest to hire you directly. All I need from you is to sort my incoming material shipments into shelves in the back room and restack the wands after I see a customer. Simple. You begin tomorrow at eight. I'll see you then." Ollivander turned sharply and disappeared into the back.

Justin scratched his head, smiling to himself, and shrugged. "I guess I've got me a job."
08:44pm 26/08/2003
mood: nervous
Owl to JustinCollapse )
08:39pm 26/08/2003
mood: chipper
Ice Cream and ChattingCollapse )
12:21am 23/08/2003
mood: ecstatic
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you know how AMAZING this is??????????????????????? Really honestly?????????????????? It's this song right here:

Here with MeCollapse )

I think I'm going to faint.....Please, someone catch me if I fall!
10:20am 16/08/2003
mood: busy
Hermione looked up from the mountain of paperwork sitting on her desk. She was sitting all alone in her large office. Being an auror-in-training required a lot of her time, and she didn't mind the solitude she kept with her late at night, after everyone had finished their day. She stopped for a moment, and then sat back in her chair, viewing her surroundings. Coffee was fresh, having just been made by Hermione herself, and above the coffee pot hung numerous plaques in recognition of herself. To the side of her, were many pictures of Hermione and her boyfriend, Armand. Hermione looked so happy in her pictures, yet Armand had such a serious expression on his face. There were pictures of them holding hands, pictures of them with Harry and Ron, pictures of Hermione with her arms wrapped around Armand so tight, and Armand is just posing there in all of them, with either a vacant or annoyed expression on his face.

She remembered the day that she could never forget in all her life...coming home from work, exhausted. Hearing a sort of noise from the her bedroom. Hermione could feel herself grow curious as she cautiously opened the door to her bedroom, fearing an intruder in her senses, her wand poised and ready in her hand. Upon entering, she was shocked and dismayed to discover Armand in HER bed, naked and making love to another woman from the Ministry. The same woman whom she saw every single morning, and said goodnight to every single evening. The same woman whom Hermione herself had gotten the job for. Her...betrayer and his woman hadn't noticed that she entered the room. To angry or upset to hex them, she ran. She ran out of the room. Out of the house. She didn't know where she was going, and soon she felt herself disapparate and reappear in front of Ron Weasley's new flat. Upon opening the door, she stood face to face with both Ron and his roommate, Harry. After a couple of hours talking with Hermione and consuming hot tea and biscuits, they comforted Hermione, and left the flat, leaving her there to forget about her day. They disapparated to Hermione's flat, where Armand and his new lover were still going at it like rabbits, and hexed the both of them to Antarctica, naked and vulnerable, and without their wands. Satisfied, they returned to Hermione, and they packed up their things, and they stayed with Hermione at her flat until she was well enough to function again.

Feeling tears growing around the brim of her eyes, she opened up a drawer in her desk, and took out a photo album, which she, Ron, and Harry created while they were still at Hogwarts. The photo album had pictures of everyone from Gryffindor, everyone from Ravenclaw, everyone from Hufflepuff, and only one from Slytherin. Draco Malfoy, as a prank, slipped a picture into Hermione's album when she wasn't looking. She admitted that she found it funny that he would develop a secret crush on her in her 7th year at Hogwarts. But she didn't say anything. It made her giggle at times, especially when she knew that her playing hard to get drove him literally mad. She flipped through her book, and stopped when she came across Lavender's picture. Lavender Brown, the psychic. She turned the picture over, and written in silver ink from the girl, were the words, "I'll never forget you. You have a happy life ahead of you, I can See! Don't forget me, and be sure to visit me, should we ever meet again..."

Hermione gazed at her work, which she never left. The young witch decided she was going to take a long vacation, and visit the countryside. And perhaps give Lavender Brown a little visit...
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10:13pm 15/08/2003
mood: nervous
Cho sat backstage at the Shrieking Banshee, her stomach doing its usual pre-preformance flutters. She went to the curtain and peeked out into the smoke-hazed bar. It was filled up as usual, but she almost never minded that. She took in a big breath and walked out onto stage when her name was magically announced. "And now, for your viewing and listening pleasure, we're pleased to present Miss Cho Chang!" Cho stepped out to applause, a grin on her face. She stepped up to the microphone and began to sing.

Something to Sleep toCollapse )

Cho put her heart and soul into the song, seeing as how it came from personal experiences.
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Visiting Lavender 
12:13am 31/07/2003
mood: excited
Terry and Mandy finally untangled themselves from each other and managed to get ready for their trip out to Lavender's new place of business. They both waved their wands and disappeared.

The popped back in out in a fairly remote country area in front of a small but comfortable looking cottage. Terry brushed himself off and turned to Mandy and asked if he looked ok. She rolled her eyes and told him he looked just fine and to stop procrastinating.

They then began to walk up the walkway to the house and through a small but well tended garden.
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01:33am 19/07/2003
mood: tired
The front door to the flat opened and closed. A thump in the living room followed by a weary sigh. Terrance Boot stood next to a dust covered bag. His clothing was a bit faded and more then a bit worn. He still had a few smudges and the faint scent of smoke on his body. He cracks his back and calls out "Mandy.. baby? you home?".
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