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Mandy meets Susan

A young woman with long black hair, wearing a stylish pair of jeans, white jumper and her favourite pair of a suede prada boots, sat at an outside table. She had a cup of cocoa sitting nearby and a pile of magazines sitting nearby. She sat comfortably and leafed through a magazine as she waited for someone.

Mandy was sitting at a small cafe in muggle London sipping a drink. She'd been looking through wedding magazines, looking at the different traditions muggles used when getting married. Terry and she had decided to have a wizard ceremony, but she still hoped to know what it's like for muggles. Seeing a familiar face walking up the street, Mandy smiled at Susan and waived her over. She wasn't expecting Terry for at least another hour, he was in a meeting. So Mandy thiought she'd speak to an old friend.

"Susan, how are you?" She asked the young lady, as she sat down on the chair beside her.
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