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Justin's first post

(this takes place BEFORE Hannah's owl)

Clutching the wrinkled parchment in his large hands, Justin Finch-Fletchy looked up at the peeling sign. Hopefully, they were still looking for help. He grasped the bronze handle and pulled the door open with an eerie creak, a dull ding dingle echoing somewhere in the back of the shop. The floor was covered in dust, thick and ghostly white, save for the sleek black skid marks of dragging feet from the door to the counter and back. The air smelled strongly of wax and old parchment, and a musky sourness like celebration crackers. Justin glanced back at his newspaper clipping before pocketing the parchment in his too-small robes. Precarious towers of flat, thin boxes loomed high over head, threatening to topple down on Justin as he roamed the small shop.

"Mr. Finch-Fletchy.... I was not expecting to see you."

Justin jumped a little in his skin, forgettign how creepy that voice actually was over the past several years. He turned around to face the counter. "Hello, Mr. Ollivander." He stretched forth his hand, and after a moment, woshed he hadn't. Mr. Ollivander's hand was withered and seemed highly ill, very clamy and icey to the touch. Justin forced a smile.

Ollivander's sagging ribbons of flesh scowled at Justin without hsitation. "The temporary job, I'm assuming, is the reason that you're here? Unless you've wand troubles, Mr. Finch-Fletchy?"

Justin shook his head. "No, no troubles, thanks. I haven't even used it in two years."

Ollivander blinked once. "That's not a thing to brag about, Mr. Finch-Fletchy. A wand requires proper maintenance, which involves regular exercise of its powers."

"Yes, Mr. Ollivander."

The hoary-headed man scratched his chin. "You're the first to apply for this job since I put out the advert two months ago. It's in my best interest to hire you directly. All I need from you is to sort my incoming material shipments into shelves in the back room and restack the wands after I see a customer. Simple. You begin tomorrow at eight. I'll see you then." Ollivander turned sharply and disappeared into the back.

Justin scratched his head, smiling to himself, and shrugged. "I guess I've got me a job."
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