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Justin Finch-Fletchy scratched at his chin as he walked down Diagon Alley's over-barren streets, searching for a comfortable place to sit and wait out his lunch break. Normally, he wasn't hungry at eleven in the morning, but his first-job-jitters were getting to him, and he needed to have something in his stomach. Seeing the fading green umbrellas of Flourence's outdoor cafe, Justin thought he'd nip into one of wirey chairs and have himself a small sundae.

Hannah sat at one of the tables, going over files on her new students for the year. She had a bowl of mint chocolate chip sitting in front of her and she occasionally ate a spoonful as she read over her papers.

Justin slumped into the nearest unoccupied seat and dropped his head into her hand. "Urgh... Mr. Ollivander is really creepy when you get to know him...." Justin reached across the table for a menu, when over the top of his hand, he noticed a strangely familiar blonde head. He dropped his hand back on the table, trying desperately to recall names from the back of his memory. "Ann... Anna.... Hannah... Hannah! Oi, Hannah!" Justin pushed himself out of his chair and waved as he called her name, making sure he was seen. "Hannah Abbott!"

Hannah jumped at the sound of her name. The voice sounded vaguely familiar, and she turned around to see if it was who she thought it was. She let out a gasp when she saw him. "Justin?!?"

Justin grinned broadly and walked over to Hannah's table with an unexpected spring in his step. "Hey there, is this seat taken?"

"No, go ahead." she offered, smiling as well.

Justin pulled out the chair and sat in it backwards, his forearms resting on the wirey back. "Wow. It's been ages, Hannah..." He gave her a quick look over. "Still looking spectacular, I see?" He gave her a friendly wink and laughed.

Hannah lightly blushed, but grinned. "Yes, and you're not bad on the eyes either, I've noticed." she replied, a small smirk gracing her face.

He laughed in disbelief. "Ah, the good old days. I can't see why I couldn't manage to stay in contact with you over all of these years." He brush his hair off his forehead. "So, what are all of these?" He picked up a sheet of paper from hannah's files.

Hannah watched him, somewhat amused. "Those are those files that teachers are rumored to have.....y'know, got everything they'd possibly want to know about you. Rather helpful, these are."

Justin raised an eyebrow and handed the paper back to Hannah. "Teacher? You're teaching now, Hannah?"

Hannah nodded, "Yup! I teach at a primary school for witches and wizards...It's just basic things like math and english and such."

Justin flushed, embarrassed at his less than boastful proceeding in life thus far. "Ah. Sounds lovely." He reached to take up a menu, and noticed his wrist-watch. "Shoot. Hey, Hannah, I've got to get back to work in a few minutes. Maybe I could get your phone number or- do you use a phone? Or would an owl be more appropriate at your place of residence?"

"Well, I don't exactly have a phone, so I suppose an owl would be better..." she responded, her spirit a bit dampened that he was on the go again.

Justin gave an inward sigh. He had never boughten an owl because his parents were Muggles and didn't really see the need. At Hogwarts he had always used a school owl- he wasn't really planning on buying an owl... but he had to keep in contact with Hannah. "Okay, well. I get off in four hours-" He shrugged. "Never mind. You wouldn't want to hang around Diagon Alley for four hours for me. Uh, well, I'll catch you later, Hannah?"

Hannah thought quickly. "Actually, I've got some errands to run....Maybe we could meet somewhere for dinner?" she asked, shocked at her boldness.

Justin bit his lip. "Uh... dinner... Well, I have to watch Carson and Jaicee- but I should be done at seven..." He looked up abruptly, checking Hannah's face. "Is seven too late for supper? I'm never sure."

Hannah shook her head quickly, shaking some of her hair loose from behind her ears. "Seven's fine." she said with a small smile.

"Seven it is then. I-" Justin glanced at his watch. "Look, I've really got to get going. Why don't you set a place and owl me? I can't be late for work. First day on the job and all. Well," Justin put out his hand for a friendly hand shake. "I'll see you at seven."

Hannah shook his hand. "See you."

Justin flashed a smile and took off running down the alley, his stomach snapping viciously at him for not sneaking a bite of Hannah's mint chip ice cream. Oh... he was hungry. He didn't think he could wait until seven.
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